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i had forgotten how specifically kodak was able to tell that trinity happened: fallout from the test in new mexico contaminated water that was used in a cardboard plant in indiana, and that cardboard was used to package xray film, which fogged because of the radiation

pictured: fedgov not caring about the effects of nuclear testing

from: ieer.org/latest/iodnart.html

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baha! this will *definitely* be the last todo app anyone will even need. I know it this time!

`ffmpeg` introduced some weird color artifacts into the gif, but it looks kinda cool

anyway this is a sketch of a decimal time analog clock: the dial displays 100 divisions, the red arm tells seconds, the arm with the circle tells hectoseconds (~1.5 minutes), and the third arm tells myria-seconds (almost 3 hours)

while dekaseconds (the red hand's MSD) aren't that useful imo, kiloseconds (about 17 minutes) and lakh-seconds (about 28 hours) are quite useful when it comes to human timekeeping

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ah, that's more like it

`github.com/llgcode/draw2d.Matrix.TransformRectangle` was swapping the vertices around in a way i didn't expect

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something is wrong with my transformation matrices :?

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The Minister was
not bound to follow any

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my dad is /really/ enthusiastic about me & my siblings being able to work remotely from my parents' house, now that he's bought a few monitors

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holy shit why didn’t anyone tell me megabus has a tumblr?? signing up now

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She’s a 10 but she says “linux” instead of “GNU/Linux”

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this kind of service is generally called a "car float"

there is an operational freight car float service across the new york bay, run by a subsidiary of the port authority

attached photo shows some hoppers waiting for the barge to arrive so they can cross from brooklyn to nj

via: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York

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A medieval tomb
in the churchyard retains the
remnants of a cross

who has two thumbs & just crossed the HELL GATE BRIDGE and RAILROAD VIADUCT??

this guy!

(the person behind me is my brother, not just some stranger i forced to share a selfie)

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I wonder who chose to be interred in these massive sarcophagi at Carroll Street

walking around manhattan & i see an honest to god bored ape billboard

this city is a parody of itself

this teleprinter portrait of dag hammarskjold isn't used on his page on english wikipedia, but it is on swedish wikipedia

via: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dag

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