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“Of course you have blue hair and like type theory”

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It was the feast day of our Puglian town's patron saint today and the town celebrated it this evening.

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Weather patterns 🤝 A name
being able to change

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this kind of service is generally called a "car float"

there is an operational freight car float service across the new york bay, run by a subsidiary of the port authority

attached photo shows some hoppers waiting for the barge to arrive so they can cross from brooklyn to nj

via: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York

She’s a 10 but she says “linux” instead of “GNU/Linux”

it sux having genius level iq cuz it means i know that aliens dont exist which is really sad…that bald dude was right….ignorance is bliss…

github.com/orgs/community/disc “This whole thing smacks of gender” I holler as I shutdown the neural network and turn copilot into nopilot

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Rumor has it that if you make a noise that's funny/entertaining enough on the quiet car, you're allowed to talk for the rest of the trip. I've never been able to thread that needle though.

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One melatonin neutralizes one energy drink, bringing you into a state of equilibrium. It's just chemistry!

dude when people live in your house they leave the weirdest shit in your fridge

someone compared criticizing nato during russia’s invasion of ukraine to complaining about jews during the holocaust which is truly an amazing take

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of course people break critical things when I go on vacation…of course no one catches it even though it’s glaring in the daily checks they review…

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