when i was a kid, i really wanted to play world of warcraft. now, i have no such desire.

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it’s soooo funny how you do all the dishes and then there are more dishes to do. the world is amazing!!

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A lumber-jack 🤝 A lumberjack
being able to saw down a tree

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It’s done! 365 days of recording the local temperature and weather in a knitted scarf.

people listening to music through speakers on public transit is this

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I'm not pissing in the punch bowl, but in addition to cheering about Rochko's decision not to sell out I think it behooves us to think about the dangers that the whole episode highlights. Why would venture-capital firms be interested? What benefits could they suck out of the Fediverse (which would presumably kill it)? What would happen if someone else weakened or got greedy and *did* sell out? What protects us from this?


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Coming up at the top of the hour it’s my Best Of 2022 show (playlist pictured) on @WFMU!

It’s the only show of the year when I know exactly what I’m going to play and when I’m going to play it. And yet I find that more worrisome than the shows where I walk in with no idea what I’m going to play!

Listen to #WFMU at wfmu.org or on the radio in NJ / NYC / Rockland County / Hudson Valley / Catskills!
Playlist at wfmu.org/playlists/ED/20221228

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Rare color film footage from the first singlehanded transatlantic ocean race, the OSTAR, in 1960.

Just five competitors — Blondie Hasler, Francis Chichester, Val Howells, David Lewis, and Jean Lacombe, who sailed the tiny 21-foot yacht, Cap Horn.


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I'm going to make the first whacky kart racing game where you have to really slow down on corners or you slam into them like in Forza. And it rewards slow, strategic play. Maybe it'll even be turn based, with a play-by-email mode. Like the chess to Mario Racer's checkers.

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a tiger 🤝 eagles
being able to circle its prey

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leaving a feast before it is ended.

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Hooray! Holiday Music Funktacular time is here again! Ain’t been ‘round since you know when.

Join me on @WFMU at the top of the hour for three hours of old and new seasonal rock, punk, dance, glam, and power pop favorites!

You can follow along on the Winter Wonderland playlist at wfmu.org/playlists/ED/2022221 and use the links there to listen live, or anytime after the show.

See you there!

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As you may recall:

• The W3C is in part hosted by MIT but MIT intends to withdraw on Dec 31.
• A new W3C nonprofit needs to take over on Jan 1.
• MIT needs to transfer assets (member dues, contracts, IP…) to the new W3C for it to operate.
• I was elected to the W3C Board and am part of the negotiations.

We're two weeks away from cutover and the negotiations are going… poorly. 🧵

guy who lives in west philly and drives 3 minutes to the 49th st regional rail stop when he wants to go downtown.

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There are many legitimate reasons to track Elon Musk's flight coordinates, for example to offer him ads more relevant to his interests

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Bryce spinning an absolute killer set on @WFMU rn 😍😍

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