i’m the guy whose online experience is holding onto a goldfish bowl on the back of a jeep

@manipulanda I wanna say I’m the tennis lady with the keyboard but the driver of the jeep has that manic smile I vibe with

@manipulanda the golden years of the Internet, before everything on it was instantly white supremacist
@manipulanda I'm probably the dude pretending he can ride a stationary motorcycle

@manipulanda "Quick! Bring out the book of stereotypes; We need to make a youth advent!"

@manipulanda there's a good chance that when this was made, online bulletin board systems were still limited by where you lived. The data was going over the phone lines, and calls outside your area code were expensive, so everyone on the teen BBS would be someone who lived nearby.

If you made a friend online it was likely to be someone you could visit in the next town over by jumping in your Jeep.


Youth explore databases? I believe we might need a SQL to this one...

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