taking regional rail without your gf ☹️

getting to sit in the rear facing seats that give her motion sickness 🥳

i want to become important enough at my job to be able to handwrite all my code and give it to an intern to type up

holy shit why didn’t anyone tell me megabus has a tumblr?? signing up now

i actually am genuinely confused about what people want celebrities to do

i’m kind of sympathetic to the fact that their physical presence is wanted in many places in quick succession

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okay everyone’s mad about celebrities dumping carbon in the atmosphere to take their private jets wherever they want

but what is your solution for creating a celebrity-exclusive rail system they can use to continue to get around faster than us but be environmentally friendly about it

it’s been so cold lately i wonder when the weather’s gonna start warming up

“this will buy us some time” = this will delay the point at which we have to act

“this will sell us some time” = this will make us have to act sooner?

“can you scroll up a little bit? i wasn’t listening”

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gonna start asking people to “right click” on things when i want to know what i can change the subject to without being rude

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my coworker has started asking us to “double-click” on stuff when she wants to talk about it more in-depth and i’m kind of obsessed with it as a phrase. people make fun of business speak but they come up with cute stuff sometimes

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i miss living with roommates whose fridge poetry magnets i could abuse for entirely the wrong purposes

the animusic albums got taken off spotify ☹️☹️☹️ rip what am i supposed to work to now


you should be able to bring cats to climbing gyms and they should have really tall cat trees to accommodate them

when my computer is like “you have 6gb of storage left!!” i want to open the storage manager thing and be like “ah yes, that useless 50gb file, how silly of me to keep that around, let me delete that” and have the problem be solved

instead it’s like “time to spend 2 hours painstakingly deleting old screenshots making sure to avoid accidentally losing precious photos of loved ones”

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