also interesting:

I'm trying to figure out (1) the gauge naming convention, and (2) why there's so much more tidal(?) variance on the downstream (30th st station) hydrometer than slightly upstream...

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society for the embarrassment of philadelphia transit advocates

cool maintenance train though

dont talk to me until ive had my the gift of language

@wren it feels like integrating something this heavy into a unixy toolkit is morally reprehensible (from ableton no less!) but maybe some good design patterns in here for sending a global clock signal?

ok @wren here's my graph-search DSL:

I feel pretty comfortable with nearly all of the operator-overloading I'd have to do:

A -> B


motif.A >> motif.B

But I don't have a good idea for how to render "A !> B". Thoughts?

Other syntax I support here:

And the language spec is here (extended backus-naur):

a new patent I'm working on for a means of delivering coffee to one's mouth

Big Bird, an early developer of the modern "Von-Neumann—Bird" architecture [dalle-mini]

There are few feelings more gratifying than creating something purely artistic in something you've just engineered

as far as i can tell you can learn a limited number of facts in your life and i’m skipping this one to make room for more later

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where do people collect poetry they like? is there a not-bad-goodreads for this

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extinct cow gang