finally an explanation of what those double-sided forks you see everywhere are for

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according to a recent court filing, FTX owes more than $50k to Margaritaville

#crypto #ftxcollapse

My problem with activitypub is that I want a ten-loc basic API to fulfill that i can implement all willy-nilly in my dumb toy projects, and instead i got a thoughtful, comprehensive, human-centric design that prioritizes community instead

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Fascinating to see tech people learn that setting up a Mastodon server, keeping it secure, paying the bills for hosting and the 24/7 devops... the easy part.

Proper steering of a community and keeping tabs on moderations is 95% of the work.

Don't start a server if you're not willing to learn and do that.

all three other people in this coffeeshop are on (independent) loud video sprint-planning calls

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It's #TransAwarenessWeek so I thought I'd talk about the first trans person I was aware of. When I was around ten, Weird Al put out an album with Wendy Carlos called Peter and the Wolf. This was in 1988. I was a HUGE Weird Al and also a pretty big fan of The Shining. My parents explained to me that Wendy Carlos had arranged the music for The Shining and that she was responsible for a lot of music in movies. They also told me that she had decided, later in life, that she would be happier as a woman, so she changed her appearance and name and now lived life as a woman. And that was okay, because it was her life to do with as she saw fit. That made an impact on me, and I still think about her when trans issues are being discussed. Now I have some very lovely trans people in my life, including family, and my appreciation for them stems, at least in part, from that childhood experience. So thank you mom and dad for that.

@spellbound ok with you if i broadly share my aurochs handle? I realize it puts a lot of stress on the server when someone as famous as I am starts doing that

I miss this Baltimore ice cream truck so much. Never ate anything there but I really think it would have been good

foggy as soup today, I'm telling you it's like a big soup out there

soupy as all hey-ho this morning folks, a real campbells day if ever I saw one

was chatting with this nice girl at a bar about how I work on improving energy efficiency of deep learning because the current energy requirement is unconscionable

anyway that's how i met my first "actually I work in crypto" girl in the wild 🥰

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Without using Google Docs, how do you write texts collaboratively with people online?

For me a must have feature for this is "track changes", so I can see what changes has been made by whom, and I can easily accept or deny each change separately. It also has to be free (at least for my collaborators), dead simple, and not require an account (again, at least for the collaborators that I want to ask to work me in this unfamiliar app instead of "good, old Google Docs", that they already know so well), and work well on mobile.

- Etherpad does not have the track changes, and also seems to have a less than ideally friendly look and feel for regular people, in my experience.
- Zoho would probably be quite perfect (except not FOSS), but it seems to demand an account for collaborators.

What do you use? Thanks!

#collaboration #writing #degoogle

also interesting:

I'm trying to figure out (1) the gauge naming convention, and (2) why there's so much more tidal(?) variance on the downstream (30th st station) hydrometer than slightly upstream...

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please join me in guiltily, secretly rooting for the next Big Flood on the Schuylkill

society for the embarrassment of philadelphia transit advocates

cool maintenance train though

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